Ain’t No Mountain High Enough … For Yummy Grilled Lamb

One weekend many moons back, my friends and I drove up some 2,500 feet above sea level for a ‘makan‘ (eating) outing. A LAMB- specific outing, because my dearie Cupcake loves her meeh meeeeeh lamb.

Restoran BBQ Chan at Bukit Tinggi is one that I have not visited for many years. It is the one and only restaurant that sprung to my mind for a good bbq lamb dish. For lamb lovers, they are no strangers to this restaurant up the Tall Hill. In fact, they are popular for many dishes, and New Zealand Lamb Rack is just one of the restaurant’s signature dish.


How To Get To BBQ Chan

Hello Pahang
Say hello to Pahang!

With Queen Bee as our driver, we drove up to Bukit Tinggi via Karak Expressway. It is the same route up to to Genting Highlands; perfect for those looking for a place to eat if you are heading there.

Turn left, follow “Kampung Bukit Tinggi” signage
U-turn to the other side of the road
Blue arrow: Restauran BBQ Chan, Red arrow: BHP Petrol

I was told by my elder brother that they have shifted from their old location, from behind BHP Petrol to next to the gas station. You can set your Waze location as BBQ Chan Bukit Tinggi, and just keep a lookout for BHP Petrol.

BBQ Chan Bukit Tinggi
BBQ Chan Bukit Tinggi
Not as many umbrellas as the old location
Less umbrella compared to the old location

We arrived around 2pm, and the restaurant was empty on a Saturday afternoon.


Is Reservation Required?

Read in few blogs to call ahead for reservation, and to “book” their signature dishes. So, I did just exactly that.

My ETA was 2-3pm; I was told not to worry if it’s for late lunch. So no booking is required for a table and for their signature dishes. I was advised to call and book their signature dishes (especially NZ Lamb Rack), if it’s for dinner.


What To Order?

Since there were only 3 of us (all girls), we ordered small portion for sharing:

Wu Lei Dan Dou
Wu Li Dan Dou Fan
Beautiful mess
Beautiful mess

“Wu Li Dan Dou Fan” – 乌里旦刀饭 (RM 12 + 6% GST) was recommended to us, and we were told that it is only available on weekends. 乌里旦刀 = Messy Dirty, according to Cupcake.

Don’t judge a book dish by its cover look; it tastes better than it looks. It is a rice in a broth filled with lots and lots of vegetables: carrots, capsicums, pumpkin, cabbage, brinjal, tomato, etc and some minced meat. Two thumbs up from us: we finished the dish easily, wishing for more.

meeh meeeeeh NZ Lamb Rack

Phai San Dou Hoi” – 排山倒海, or New Zealand Lamb Rack (RM40 + 6% GST, for half portion), the reason why we are here. 排山倒海 = topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Aptly described, since we went all the way for this dish. I felt that it wasn’t as good as I remember, and too fatty for my liking. But nevertheless, it was still a good dish.

Fei sui pat lau ngoi yan
“Fei Shui pat Lau Pit Yan Thin” Seafood Pot
Seafood vege soup
Seafood vege soup

“Fei Shui Pat Lau Pit Yan Tin” – 肥水不流外人田 (RM 100 + 6% GST) is a seafood pot. 肥水不流外人田 = Fertilizer does not flow outsider the field, according to Google Translate.

The seafood pot comes with a 2-layer pot: On top are the seafood, consisting of clams, prawns & crabs. The essence of the seafood “leak down” to the bottom layer. When we were about to finish the seafood, the staff took away the pot, heated it up and added on some vegetables & abalone mushrooms. Tada –> Seafood Vegetable Soup. It was slurpingly delicious.

Total bill: RM 177 for 3 pax, including drinks

Will I go back to BBQ Chan? You bet, but I’ll make sure that I request for a less-fatty NZ Lamb Rack, and also try other dishes.


Restoran BBQ Chan 
No Lot 25001-A, Kampung Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
Tel: 09-233 0330, 012-357 7111, 019-993 9366



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