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Where are the crust, Claypot King?

Claypot chicken rice is one of my favourite dish back home in Malaysia. Claypot chicken rice is not just about well-marinated tender chicken, but a lot to do with cooking on charcoal and yes, the (scorched) brown rice crust. And I do take my crust seriously.

Claypot King 大煲王 (Da Bao Wang) first caught my attention as it was covered by one blogger here, and then, their ad started hitting me repeatedly on Facebook. Curious-yet-being-cautious whenever anything claypot surfaces here … I scrutinized their FB page – yes, advertising is in my blood .. I see no mention nor any asset/images of charcoal-cooking plus the claypot looks pretty clean …

So I went to the shop thinking that the claypot is probably more of a gimmick, unlike back home that it is being cooked under (charcoal) fire ..

Well, 120 baht for a pot of claypot chicken rice that comes with plenty of well-marinated tender chicken, chinese sausage and mushroom is a good eat for me. It needs plenty of sweet soya sauce tho’ …

Ain’t no crust …

But yes, no crust for sure.

Not enough staff on duty, but I got my rice pretty fast within 10 minutes ..

Claypot King 大煲王
521 Phapphachai, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok
Tel: 092-710-5000
Opening hours: 10:00AM-21:00PM
Nearest MRT: Wat Mangkon, exit 1


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