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Under the radar Wat Bhoman-Khunaram in Sathorn

Making merit aka ‘tam boon’ ทำบุญ is like an annual affair, it’s part and parcel of my working life here in Bangkok. Once a year, there’ll be an outing to the temple, to make merit and to get rid of the bad. This year, my boss’ zodiac sign falls under “clash year” aka ‘pee chong’ ปีชง; the let’s-all-go-to-make-merit at Wat Bhoman-Khunaram (or Wat Pho Maen Khunaram) วัดโพธิ์แมนคุณาราม in Sathorn. The temple is located close to Central Rama III.

This is my first trip to Wat Bhoman, and a second for some of my colleagues … I was told that they have been to this temple when they were a child. What I like about Wat Bhoman is that it falls under the tourist radar. It was really peaceful on a weekday morning – we were the only big group and another 2-3 visitors during that time.

The temple is really beautiful. While I am not super-religious, I do appreciate the beauty of the temple – all the nooks and crannies got me fascinated.

p/s- As we have to remove our shoes to go inside the temple, sock is really important.

Post-tam boon, we went to have lunch at the nearby Soufflé and me – another first, but no more second trip for me. The fillet mignon is over-cooked, and the souffle that we had for sharing is nothing to shout about, but instagrammable for sure.

Wat Bhoman-Khunaram วัดโพธิ์แมนคุณาราม
323 Soi Sathupradit 19 ถนนสาธุประดิษฐ์ ซอย19 Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel: 02 211 2363
Opening hours: 07:00AM-19:00PM
Nearest BTS: Chong Nongsi, continue with taxi 3km


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