My First Flood Experience in Thailand

Samrong สำโรง area at Samut Prakan was hit by flood two weeks ago, and I so happened was around that area. After looking it up, Samrong’s flood is quite a regular affair as it’s a lowland area, and its close proximity to the sea. Samut Prakan, where Samrong is located at, is around the area where the Chao Phraya River flows into the Gulf of Thailand.

Water everywhere, only vehicles are safe. No matter how we try to outsmart the water, we couldn’t avoid the water altogether. Eventually, we had to remove our shoes and braced the smelly and filthy water.

Water everywhere
Vehicles driving through flooded road
Vehicles driving through flooded road
.. still in orderly manner
Looking for ways to escape the water
Locals do what they have to do
Locals do what they have to do
Small sois are flooded, and there aint’ no other way
So, we had to wade through the water without our shoes


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