Who would have thought that pan mee is available in Bangkok?

Pan mee is one of my favorite childhood’s home-cooked food, one I can whip up easily. But it’s lots and lots of works for one bowl of goodielicious noodle – wet, messy dough, flour everywhere, kneading and kneading .. So, I was really ecstatic to find Uncle Jeff Kitchen has pan mee in their menu!


Uncle Jeff Kitchen – yellow building
Uncle Jeff Kitchen / Nego Home Ancient Hotel
Uncle Jeff Kitchen – business hours

Bf drove there one fine Sunday afternoon, relying on Google Map and Waze. + point: yellow color building made it easy to locate. – point: parking is difficult! We ended up parking in front of the shop next to Uncle Jeff, seeing that the shop was vacant on a Sunday.

Love the quaint deco.


Complimentary groundnut
Teh tarik (69 baht)
Teh tarik is just so-so, 69 baht for hot, 89 baht for cold.
Chili pan mee (199 baht)

Chili pan mee – 199 baht, got my seal of approval!

Nasi lemak curry chicken (199 baht)

Nasi lemak curry chicken – 199 baht. Not too bad, and I still prefer my rendang chicken, but not available in the menu.

Banana leaf grilled sambal fish (399 baht)

Banana leaf grilled sambal fish – 399 baht. Need a lot more sambal, to give it that kick.

Our dining companion
Uncle Jeff – nasi lemak menu
Uncle Jeff – Pan Mee menu
Uncle Jeff – Banana leaf grill menu
Uncle Jeff – side menu
Uncle Jeff – drink menu



Uncle Jeff Kitchen
29/10, Soi Ekkamai 10, Sukhumvit 63
Tel: 02 057 5289
Business Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Tue-Sun), Closed on Mondays
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unclejeffkitchen/
Nearest BTS: Ekkamai – 20 mins (1.6km walk)



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