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Fly baby, fly

Looking for a non-typical place to go, bf suggested seagulls watching at Bang Pu (บางปู), at Samut Prakan province. We only knew that there are flock of seagulls during winter, but little info is available.

We only knew that the seagulls migration only happens during winter months. A little bit of research tells us that the seagulls migrate to Bangpu during the relatively cooler winter months between November and March, from Russia and Mongolia, etc … so the birds were escaping winter months over there, but not in Bangkok. That’s why there are still many birds in early Feb and also late March, during the summer season.

10-20 minutes (10km) from BTS Kheha to Bang Pu Recreation Center, less than 100 baht fare

For this trip, we took advantage of the BTS line extension to Kheha (เคหะฯ). From BTS Samrong (สำโรง), we changed to the opposite platform, and hopped onto the free ride to Kheha station. From Kheha station, exit 3, a taxi ride to Bang Pu Recreation Center (สถานตากอากาศบางปู) costs us less than 100 baht.

A 5-min stroll (400 meters) along the Suk Ta bridge to Sala Sukjai restaurant at the end of the pier
Feed with caution

The best time of day is during the late afternoon, 5pm+, as you’ll also get to enjoy sunset view. You can also have dinner at the Sala Sukjai restaurant at the Suk Ta pier.

If you come here on Saturday, be entertained with ballroom dancing. To sit at the area with ballroom dancing, you need to pay 90 baht per head (from 1600-2000).

Leaving in the evening, try using the Grab app. Otherwise, walk towards the main road to hail a taxi back to the BTS.

Bang Pu Recreation Center (สถานตากอากาศบางปู)
164 Sukhumvit Rd Tambon Bang Pu Mai, Amphoe Mueang Samut Prakan, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10280 GPS Coordinates: 13.517343, 100.654966

Tel: 089 472 4047

Opening hours:

Sala Sukjai (ศาลาสุขใจ)…. Restaurant opening hours: 1000 – 2000 Tel: 02 323 9911


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