Win One Year’s Worth of Flights with Tigerair’s “I Should Have” Contest

This is not a paid post. Good things are meant to be shared, especially with fellow travel freaks.

Article in Tiger Tales, Tiger Airways’ in-flight magazine

 Tigerair is currently running “I Should Have” contest, so that we can undo our travel-related regrets. I first came across this few weeks back, when I flew with them to Singapore.

An easy peasy contest, and the best part is we are not required to harass our friends, family and our 338 Facebook friends to vote for us. Of course, if you are in a younger age bracket, you might have more than 600 friends, but I am definitely not in that age bracket lah.

We have tonnes of “I Should Haves” in life travel.  When an opportunity comes, you grab it!

What have you missed out? I missed out plenties, but I was being smart about it as well, to shortlist my travel regrets to Tigerair’s routes. Example, I wanted to submit a Mount Kinabalu’s entry, but found out that Tigerair do not fly to Kota Kinabalu. The advantage of advertising-background, or perhaps some common sense.


Simple registration

 I was greeted by a simple registration on the contest website, just name and email address, or connect with Facebook.

Next select, only need to select

 Then select country, city and type of vacation. You can then upload image (max size 2 mb and max 2 images), or youtube/vimeo link.

The difficult part would be summarizing your regrets in not more than 150 characters, and then describing it in not more than 500 characters. It’s really like concision in a tweet, and then a longer yada, yada in a Facebook post.

After submission, wait for approval (aka vet through). Once it’s done, users will receive an email, and be featured on the contest’s website, if approved.

The Prizes

  • 3x Grand Prize winners: one year worth of free flights, given via 12 flight e-vouchers
  • 5x Consolation Prize winners: a SGD50 voucher + Tigerair hamper

The vouchers are transferrable, this is definitely a bonus.

Good luck, if you plan to participate .. otherwise, wish me luck! I know exactly what I will do, if I win.

Hurry up, as the contest is open for submission until 26 July 2015. Sorry folks, I just submitted mine, after dragging my feet for few weeks. The prize winners will be notified on the week of 3 August 2015. Time and tide wait for no man, so act fast!

Contest website can be found here.

Update 27 July 2015:

It took them more than 24 hours, but my entry was approved and featured. Horror! Grammmatical error (should be ridden, instead of ride) and I uploaded same photo twice, instead of two different photos! So embarassing.

Email from Tigerair


Update 29 July 2015:

First grand prize winner announced on Tigerair’s Facebook page! Lucky girl.

And my sis’s entry has emerged as a winner in their weekly draw. Nothing for me, but it’s oklah.

Contest is extended until 9 Aug 2015, do participate if you have yet to do so. Good luck!


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