The secret to quickly learn a foreign language

Speak French in only 17 days? Now this is inspiring.

I like to pick up local language wherever I go. Being able to speak even that few words never fail to start conversation with local people, and bring us closer to them too.

I disclose my Thai language ability to almost everyone. Honesty is the best policy, though sometimes you do need to tell that small little white lies, but let’s try to keep it clean unless if you absolutely must lie lah. Some friends think that it’s a disadvantage speaking Thai with local people as they are native speaker. True. Sometimes I kick myself for speaking in Thai when the other party rattles off a jumble mumble of words that I couldn’t understand.

Shanti Stupa, India, 2010 (Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)
To speak or not to speak? (Shanti Stupa, India, 2010. Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)
Or perhaps I can try living in a remote Thailand area for 17 days?