The best 1 Euro Souvenir in Germany

This post was inspired by ZE’s “Say Cheese! Taking photo at a photo booth October 2015” blog post. See ZE’s original post here.

Photo booth

 Photo booths are available everywhere in Germany and Netherlands.  

The options

 In Germany, for a mere €1 (same thing in Holland at €2), ZE and I squeezed into the tiny booth, and walked away with high-quality strips of mini photos of us. There were also other options, but we wanted to just spend €1.

Travel memories captured instantly .. just like a polaroid, in a budget way.

ZE was so in love with the mini photos, that she was staring at it many, many times. The last thing she looked at before zzzzzz, and the first thing she checked in the morning back in Berlin (where we took the photos).

Easy peasy navigation


Mini potrait

 Simple navigation, with many language options. We chose English language , and were guided step-by-step throughout the process. Three takes, and you can choose the best shot (or cancel it, and start afresh .. so, you can have the best shot).

Do not give this a miss, my recommendation for the best €1 souvenir in Germany!


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