Should kids be allowed to vacation solo?

Vacation solo here refers to travel without their parents, and I am not talking about flying solo. Vacation solo here literally means going away for holiday, but without their parents.

Should parents allow kids to vacation solo? Still with an accompanying adult at least, but without them. How many of you will allow that? And at what age would you allow your child to travel without you?

For adults, travel solo has tons of advantages. And I wish that more people will take the plunge and just do it. 

For kids, it opens up to a whole new world. It can be a massive confidence booster. It will make them more independent, and also hone their decision-making skills. 

I am still single, sans children, so I am by no means an expert on this subject.

My elder niece first embarked on her solo trip when she was 7-year old. She was accompanied by her aunts and uncle, sans her parents. Perhaps I came from ‘old school’, it is something that the 7-year old inside me wouldn’t be able to achieve. I was a daddy’s girl. I just couldn’t imagine myself being away from my parents for a period of time, let alone vacation solo.

Maybe that’s the reason why I admire my elder niece so much. She didn’t even ask for her parents once throughout the trip.

Her second solo trip to Bangkok took place when she was 11-year old. Towards the end of her 11 days trip, she couldn’t help but feel a little homesick, but she managed to pull through it without me knowing.

Her younger sis will soon follow her footstep. Lil’ sis is 7-year-old-turning-8 soon. Her trip is for 12 days, longer than her elder sis’s first solo trip.

Will lil’ sis be homesick? Will she be able to look after herself without her parents, and her elder sis? 

My nieces, the young adventurers. I am thankful that my sis trusts me with her kids.


Travel opens up a whole new world, which is cliche but true. I am a strong advocate for independent and solo travel. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but now live in Bangkok, Thailand, resulted from a chance encounter in 2009 with my why-are-you-Thai bf. I am now split between two countries. One country for my bf, another for the family, for the occasional weekend together.