Megabus ride from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium

1 pound fare needs no thinking.
We paid £1.50 per person  (including booking fee, for our two and a half hours bus ride from Rotterdam in Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium. The booking was made one month before our trip.

As ZE already checked waiting board at Rotterdam Centraal station (same spot as per Eurolines and other international bus coach), we managed to board out coach without any problem.

We were asked to arrive half an hour before, and we did exactly that. But the coach arrived five minutes before scheduled departed time.

ZE loves double decker bus!

 It was a double decker bus, and ZE wanted to sit at the top bunk. So, I was tasked to store our luggage, whilst she hurried up to get seats. 

Megabus has free stable wifi, and also toilet on board. Thumbs up.

Disco bus

 I called it a ‘disco bus‘ because of blue fluorescent lighting.

In the bus, there was a rowdy group of passengers. They were singing, shouting, talking loudly and was annoying a lot of other passengers. I saw them drinking beers, so I warned ZE against telling them off.

And she did that. As she was returning from toilet, she gave them a hush sign.

I was so mad, that I gave her a silent treatment. Then I explained, ” remember what happened when we were at Haarlem? You were afraid of the drunk man. Why were you not afraid this time? These group of people were also intoxicated.” She replied that because they did not talk to her, so she wasn’t afraid.

I said what she did was a right think, but it wasn’t safe. And I needed to make sure she is safe.

This was the second time that I felt the weight of responsibility in my shoulders.

Arriving at Brussels, the coach stopped at Brussels Nord station. And I thought that it needs a proper space for customers to alight and collect luggages. Quite dangerous, as passengers were standing in the middle of a street getting their luggages.

Other than that, I don’t mind traveling with them again.


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