Keeping Promises: Sending Photos To Locals We Met At Sri Lanka

Taking photos of or with locals during travel, is something that some of us do. 

Bf is a great photographer, and he takes stunning portraits. He asks for a permission before he takes photos of the locals, as a sign of respect for these people. Just imagine others taking photos of us, without prior permission. ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you,” Confucius says.

Photos sent to the Nepalese I met in 2011

As for me, I also love taking photos of the locals, but my photography skills are nowhere near to his.

Both of us practice sending photos back to these people, especially when self-portraits are a rare commodity in some countries. We will ask these people to write down their addresses, for us to send their photos via snail mail. Sometimes, some hand writings are illegible. And we rely on google to double check the addresses, or other means. 

We have just gotten around to develop photos from our Sri Lanka trip, and finally sent the photos. Keeping promises, we did it. 

This time round, I even wrote to a hostel that we stayed at Colombo. 

Thanks Drift BnB!

The kind souls at DriftBnB took the trouble to reply me via Facebook Messenger. This cool hostel definitely deserves a brand mention  in this blog post!

I hope this post will inspire more people to follow our footsteps!




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