Joo Huat Trading at Fu Lu Shou complex, Chinatown in Singapore

Joo Huat Trading is a shopping heaven for different types of people, from your typical homemaker to those who like to bake, and even those that like to munch on dried snacks /tidbits and tea lover. Joo Huat is a wholesale place encompassing a wide range of dried Chinese ingredients and herbs, dried snacks/tidbits, teas and chicken essense.


Joo Huat Trading carries dried ingredients, dried snacks and teas at wholesale price

 My aunt went on a shopping spree last weekend, spending few hundreds of Singapore dollars. My mum also bought some dried ingredients, and she told me that indeed it is cheap because of wholesale price. Aunt L’s tip: bargain further when you buy more. My tip? Avoid close to Chinese New Year!

As it took quite a long time for the two women, I waited outside the shop with my uncle. Upon seeing my aunt settling the bill, I quickly stepped into the shop to help with two big shopping bags. 

The lady boss jokingly said, “Wow, you miracously appeared after bill is paid. Where were you before this?”   So I said, “I am just a maid without a dime to my name.” The owner must have thought I am my aunt’s daughter. *chuckle

Mushroom galore


Some of the dried ingredients in the store

 Wish I had taken more photos to show the product range they carry. I am sure it has everything that one might fancy. Aunt L’s purchase include Chinese angelica root 当归 (dang gui), Chinese wolfberries (枸杞子 gou ji zi), Chinese yam 淮山 (huai shan), Codonopsis root 党参 (dang shen), Ginkgo nuts (白果 bai guo), Red dates (红枣 hong zao), Solomon’s seal (玉竹 yu zhu), and more.

Do pay Joo Huat Trading a visit for cheap bargains!

Address: 149 Rochor Road, #B1-23 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425

Nearest MRT: Bugis


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