I am a Photobook addict

How many of us still print photos out to flick through in a photo album or to pass around and share with our friends and family? Not many, huh?! Instead, we post everything on Facebook, Instagram, etc. *guilty*

The whole world see it. All our 338 so-called friends on Facebook see it. But are these the people that really matters? How about your yimagujeh? How about the less technology-inclined people? Facebook penetration is still not 100%, mind you .. My mum for example, is missing out a lot on browsing pleasure, *horror* even photos of her own birthdays and holidays.

Social media has replaced the traditional photo album. Some devices even have this ‘Instant Share’ feature: just click and instantly share on social media from your camera. Revolutionary. 

Call me old-fashioned, but there is just the satisfaction of holding the prints. From old days, I always send photos back to those local people I meet on the road. 


90 photos. 12 envelopes. Sent to Nepal in 2011.

A promise is a promise.

What do you do with all those photos you take in the digital era? How many times have you heard of people losing those precious photos and memories when they lose a phone or a computer or hard drive crashes? Gasp! Some photos were also saved in cd/dvd format, but I heard that there is a lifespan to these discs, and ‘disc degradation’ happens too. It’s time for me to relook at those discs and transfer to the external hard drive D got for me.

I first saw photobook-making service at Siam Square in Bangkok, and I thought that it was pure genius. I have always loved personalization and customization, and are the type that will take time choosing gift, wrapping gift. I just love seeing the joy on the recipient’s face, knowing that someone went through the trouble and efforts for them, making them feel special and valued.


Souvenirs for Egg & Wai, D’s friends with customized button badge with their names (Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)


Or even a customized welcome gift for visiting friends in Bangkok (Photo credit: Quin)

So, photobook is like the holy grail of gift giving to me. The recipient’s moment of happiness, and the pride in their face when they ‘show off’ their prized-photobook to others. So far, I have done five (or six) photobooks … two for my mum, one for my sis’ family, one for my niece and a set of two for D’s parents. D’s mum even proudly declared that there’s only one in the world (two lah, as I printed one each for D’s dad and one for his mum).

If you have not make one before, you should! Do not be intimidated by it. As with anything, it’s bound to be difficult at the initial process. Adopt ‘less is more’ policy. Do not be over-generous with the amount of photos, stickers, font types. Make sure it’s aesthetically pleasant. I bet when you see your own photobook, or when people ooooh and aaah over it, you’ll be over the moon. 

I have used both Photobook and Pixajoy. My honest opinion is that for offline (software) version, Pixajoy has more stickers to decorate, compared to Photobook. But Photobook’s quality is more superior, and the pages do not stick together. Pixajoy laminates the pages, ‘glossy lamination’ to assist resistant to water, tear and color-fade, which I think they should re-evaluate it. I’ve not used them for a long time, so not sure if things have changed.

Photobook is also the photobook pioneer in Malaysia, and they are also presence in other countries including Thailand. Beware that you can only arrange for delivery to your registered country. So let’s say you created an account with Photobook Malaysia, you can’t have the books delivered to Thailand and vice versa. I made this mistake recently, so had to deliver the books to KL first, and then bring in to Bangkok.

People say photobook-making is an addiction, but it’s a healthy-one, so I am perfectly okay with it. 

For newbies, you can wait for promotion, sometimes it’s free or heavily-discounted, but you still have to pay for postage. Once you start, you will be quite addicted to it as I am.

We also have a Photobook photo canvas at KL home. There are also other formats such as bookmark, cards, notebooks, etc. Do anything, just get started and have those beautiful memories on display.


The cover of mum’s first photobook .. her 63rd birthday cake that she couldn’t recall haha .. figurines of her and five children in Quin’s customized cake

My last photobook, a gift for D’s parents

My SIL works at Photobook Malaysia. I was not under the obligation to review her product. All stated opinions are my honest thoughts.