How Dutch dispose their rubbish in the Netherlands

We booked an Airbnb apartment in Haarlem, Netherlands for 4 nights. We love this place, but I’ll sing praises about this place in a separate post. 

The magic bin

 Let’s just focus on rubbish first. Yeah, rubbish. As in how Dutch dispose their rubbish in the Netherlands.

 One of our Airbnb host’s House Rules states “Please, throw away the garbage in the underground waste container outside. You can use the garbage card, that you can find in the electricity meter cupboard in the hall. The container is outside on your left, on the first corner of the playground.”

We wanted to dispose our household rubbish today. I told my niece that we had to get a garbage card for this purpose. And she corrected me, “garbarge cart you mean.”

And I said “No, garbage card.”

She insisted that it must be a spelling mistake, and our host must have meant garbarge cart. Why would we need a garbage card to dispose rubbish, she questioned that.

Dutch garbage card and instruction

 I walked out to the hall and returned with the garbage card, and instruction. Ahhh … So, we do need a garbage card, and we were getting all excited. Yes, you read me right .. no typo and no spelling mistake.

We couldn’t wait to take out our rubbish!

This is something that you don’t experience staying in a hotel. Live like a local, and you will get to experience the country in a different way.

Now, please allow my niece to bring you through the rubbish disposal step-by-step.


Do not be afraid. Approach the bin with your garbage


Scan your Garbage Card


Open sesame


Put in your garbage, slow & easy


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    Should do the same in Bangkok.

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