Hoi Netherlands: Staying amongst students at Student Hotel Rotterdam

A place I chose, which I thought might interest ZE. We only booked ourselves for one night, as the hostel that we really want to stay (Ani & Haakien hostel) is not available on our first night.

Student Hotel mainly caters to students, and their visiting families, etc. But it is open to all.

Tram no 21 passing by hotel

 We took tram 21 to Willem Ruyslaan (Direction De Esch) station (€3.00 per person) and the hotel is just across from the tram station.

It was a lazy day for us. We just stayed in the hotel, did nothing much, but to catch up on things. I thought that it’s good to have a breather after one week of traveling.

Hotel staff is super friendly, and I am giving them a perfect ten for ‘service with a smile.’

ZE’s bestest vege burger

 Food-wise, I was expecting a canteen, but their restaurant is more of a cafe, and ZE enjoyed her meals there.

I’ll let photos of this place to tell the story. People remember visuals better than words, anyway. Enjoy!


Entrance to our room
Our bed
Our bathroom


Our key card

Key card (reverse side)
Students studying
Cool, no?
It’s real 🙂
Ping pong?
.. or foosball?


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