Hoi Netherlands: Day 8- Kinderdijk

The night before, I discussed with ZE whether does she wants to go to Kinderdijk. If she does, then it will be up and out very early in the morning, and she had to speed up.

She said yes. She said she can finish her breakfast (oatmeal) very fast if I don’t talk to her. And I said, “Excuse me, you were the one talking to me most of the time.”

She said because she travels with me, that she talks a l lot (because she doesn’t see me everyday). A darling girl, really.

So we were planning our time, and we said we’ll wake up at 6.00am, and get out by 7.30am.

That girl kept to her words and was very, very fast. And we got out from hostel before 7.30am, only to board a wrong tram to Rotterdam Erasmusbrug.

People, it should be tram no 6 from Rotterdam Centraal, okay?

What I learnt on our few tram rides was we can get by not paying at all (not that I am suggesting this). There was one time that there wasn’t a conductor in the tram. Another time, the conductor was at the other end of the tram, and didn’t come around to us.


Connection boat is nicer!

  We took a waterbus to Kinderdjik. As we just missed a direct waterbus, we took the next waterbus (direction Dordrecht). The waterbus stops at Riddekerk, and we got a connection boat. I was glad that we missed the direct waterbus, as I preferred the boat ride more. Definitely more interesting and it took only additional 10 minutes (total 40 minutes, instead of 30 minutes journey).


Peace and tranquility

 Even though with the wrong tram and non-direct boat, we still arrived at Kinderjik 10 minutes before opening. But we can walked in already, and there were also group tours there. Highly recommended to arrive before opening for tranquil stroll amongst windmills.

Even though we just went to Zaanse Schans few days before, I did not regret this visit. There was something magical about Kinderjik in the early morning, and ZE was a great companion for this moment.

Our amazing girl has adapted herself well into her trip, and has been nothing but a joy to be with. Love her lots.

We eavesdropped into info by a tour guide .. do you know how a miller knows where will the wind blows?

Using waterbus pas (€13 adult and €9.50 cildren), we got discounted admission fee for Kinderjik. We paid €6.60 for adult and €4.40 for children, to visit one of the windmills

Loose tix price

 I was doing my math. Perhaps there is no need to get a day pass. Do try it out if you travel to Kinderjik.

Leaving Kinderjik, ZE was hoping that we can still make it for the pancake breakfast at Ani & Haakien hostel. But we waited quite a while for a boat.


Dong Tay loempia food truck

 Reaching Rotterdam, we looked around for local foods. Asking at a Vietnamese loempia food truck, we were told that there was nothing around us. So, we ended up eating snacks: loempia, croquette and frites.

We then walked back to Chinatown area and chose Spicy Temptation restaurant because of its affordable price. The staff, a Chinese, was really chatty, but like an aunt. Very accommodative and helpful. Both ZE and I didn’t finish our lunch, which was filled to the brim of the plate.

After lunch, we still managed to spend about one hour at Ani & Haakien, before check-out.

Tot siens Netherlands, for now.


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