Hoi Netherlands: Day 7- Rotterdam

After we checked out from The Student Hotel Rotterdam, we headed to Ani & Haakien hostel. As we arrived before 2pm check-in, we left our bags and went out for lunch and sightseeing.

From map, we saw that that our new hostel area is at Chinatown. So, I was toying with Chinese food, for ZE to have some rice. But, we ended up at Sumo Sushi Bar. She was so happy with her sushi buffet.

Food is good, but pricey for me. ZE paid €9.50 for children price, whilst I paid €14.50.

We were allowed to order five plates per person, everytime. Total five rounds; 25 plates altogether. I thought that she would be able to stuff herself silly, but we stopped at round three.


 We then went to explore the city, started with Calypso, a building that supposedly appears to be floating. Not.

It was so hilarious.

I pretended to be upset: “I am so upset that I am going to fly back to Malaysia.”

That got ZE cracking non-stop. And she asked whether I was serious about what I said. And I pulled a serious face, confirming what I said.

And she laughed, and laughed ….


 We then walked to Schouwburg, for different materials used on the floor. And checked the flooring, and iconic red cranes we saw in a brochure. Smarty-ZE figured out together the three towers form a digital clock. 

Read more here.


 We then waked to check a red automobile crashing through wall from roof, within walking distance from Rotterdam Centraal station

 This followed with a tram to Blaak station, for Rotterdam Cube House. I thought it was Blake station, but the tram conductor corrected me.

Blake sounds better, isn’t it .. rather than Blaak! That got ZE cracking again.

Cube House

 ZE paid €1.50 for children price, whilst I paid €3.00 to visit Kijk-Kubus museum. I have this thing for weird architecture, or even art installation. I was blown away by it.

Markthal, so beautiful



 After Cube House, we walked to an outdoor market nearby, and then to Markthal Rotterdam. We bought our dinner ingredients at Wah Nam Hong, an Asian supermarket, for ZE to cook us dinner at hostel.

ZE checking info

  Back at Rotterdam Centraal, ZE was tasked with checking for bus stand info at Info Desk, as we’ll be traveling to Brussels, Belgium on the next day. She got the info required. Great job, girl!


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