Hoi Netherlands: Day 31- The Hunt for Miffy Continued at Utrecht

Tick tock .. tick tock … Miffy hunt continued on our last day. Day 31 marked the end of our 1-month Europe backpacking trip, dued to fly home at 8pm+. And we still have yet to find Miffy-in-Dutch-dress. Oh no.

Centraal Museum, our last hope. I read that the Museum Shop carry a wide range of Miffy merchandises. Please, please, please … 


Busstation CS Centrumzijde
Utrecht Centraal map


Centraal Museum stop

 We had to walk to Utrecht Central, and then took bus no 2 (Direction Museumkwartier) to the museum. We had difficulties at Plattegrond Utrecht Centraal bus station, as there were three bus stands at Utrecht Centraal. Busstation CS Centrumzijde was where we needed to be, but we only found Busstation CS Jaarbeurszijde, and also another side where buses such as Eurolines stop at. Make sure you walk towards Hoog Catharijne for Busstation CS Centrumzijde for Bus Stand A and B. The bus to Centraal Museum departs from B5.

Ticket machine

 I bought my ticket from ticketing machine, but didn’t get one for ZE (just in case she qualified for free ride). But, bus driver told me same price. €2.70 ticket, valid for one hour. By the time we left Centraal Museum, 1-hour (from ticket purchase time) was almost up, but we were lucky that our bus driver did not ask for a new ticket.  


Museum Shop


Miffy galore

Miffy t-shirts


Like this, but only available in kid size

Design your own Miffy

  The Museum Shop at Centraal Museum was insane. Should rename it as Miffy Shop!

“I am going to bring you home from this lonely shop”, ZE said

 Found her 🙂

After Centraal Museum, we went back to La Place in the V&D Department store in Hoog Catharijne for lunch.

We still managed to spend some time at our Airbnb rental, before leaving Utrecht. Utrecht, you will be missed.


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