Hoi Netherlands: Chillax stay at Ani & Haakien hostel, Rotterdam

Love it

 Our second stay in Rotterdam, for one night in a private (small) room. It is chillax, the moment you walk into the hostel. Love the vibes exuded from the place.

Music playing, owner singing along to song whilst checking us in. People dancing and laughing. And they are very friendly and easygoing. 

Suzy even has her own Instagram

 And ZE loves Suzy, the hostel’s cat. She loves animals. Such a gentle soul, my beautiful niece.

Stripped off sheets in the morning

 Having seen the room’s pictures before, we were aware that it barely has walking space, with a double bed occupying 80% of the room.

Shared toilet

 Bathroom and toilet are on sharing basis. The toilet is clean, but stinky. We didn’t use the shower facility, as we have showered at The Student Hotel Rotterdam before check-out in the morning.

Cooking dinner for us


Our dinner

 As we wanted to save money and also to lighten up my luggage (there are some cooking ingredients in my bag), we decided to cook at hostel. ZE cooked dinner for us, and it was smacked right into dinner peak hour. It didn’t cross our minds that many others cook too!

I admire ZE for staying calm, and cooking amongst young adults with ease. She is only 11 years old!

Other guests were also very patient with her, and waited for their turn for kitchen utensils, such as chopping board (only two for sharing). Being considerate, as usual, I asked her to allow others too use first. This is because our dinner was ‘elaborate’ vs. others one-pan dish.

Chillax hostel attracts chillax people 🙂 Definitely not the type of grumpy people we unfortunately encountered at Anne Frank House.

The next day, we checked-out early, for our trip to Kinderjik. We were both sad that we didn’t get to enjoy free breakfast at hostel.  Only two accommodations booked include free breakfast, and Ani & Haakien was one of them. And furthermore, Monday is pancake day!

Hostel’s location is perfect for our walk to bus station at Rotterdam Centraal, for our Megabus ride to Brussels, Belgium. More on this in a separate post.

Ani & Haakien is highly recommended, do stay with them if you are heading this way. Wish I had more time there, rather than a ‘touch and go.’


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