Hoi Netherlands: Airbnb rental stay at Haarlem

Our first stay in Europe for four nights has set the bar fairly high. I chose Haarlem as our base, as I thought that it will allow us to settle in nicely, and also cheaper. It is also not too far away from Amsterdam, 20km, which takes 15 minutes by train.

From Haarlem Centraal Station, we walked to our Airbnb rental.

I am not a good map reader. Uncle Vich is a much better map reader, and has always been the one figuring out directions when we travel.


Poor thing

 So it took us a while (ok, I was a bit off track) and poor child was tired, with her trolley bag and daypack.

Mayke, our host was away for holiday. Blessed our host’s mother-in-law for calling us, and came around to pick us up. Telling her our location was a challenge, but I asked a local to help me with that.

Our home sweet home


Flight of stairs

 The apartment is at first floor, and going up steep’s stair was not easy with ZE’s trolley bag. Now that reminds me why backpack is super great.

Stairs. Lots and lots of stairs eveywhere in the Netherlands.

 The listing was aptly described as cozy apartment near Centraal station. There wasn’t any review when I booked; a risk paid off.

ZE loves this place to pieces. Haarlem is her favorite stay, becoz of Mayke’s apartment, and also because of the nice neighbourhood.

The bedroom


The kitchen and washing machine


Living room and kitchen

The bright living room

The balcony

 Do check out Mayke’s place here if you travel to Amsterdam or Haarlem. And remember to dispose garbage, Dutch way here.

(Update March 2017: If I am not wrong, Mayke has removed her apartment from Airbnb’s listing)

Thank you Mayke & Wessel

: )

And thank you Natalie & Tahlia!

Thank you little chef!


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  • October 2, 2015 at 8:16 am

    Looks like an awesome place! And the hosts (and mom-in-law) sounds lovely. 🙂

    • October 2, 2015 at 8:18 am

      Superb place indeed. Still ranked no 1 in my niece’s fav stay so far 🙂

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