Hello London: Day 15- London 

Les Miserables. The one and only thing that I was looking forward to in London.

Just like Romeo & Juliet, I thought we should go out early, and go back to hostel for ZE to take an afternoon nap. Lesmis was at 7.30pm, until around 10.30pm.

I wanted to get out of hostel by 9am, but we only managed to step out half past nine.

London Eye

 First stop was to see The Rising Tide art installation, but I led ZE to a wrong station. So, we abandoned the plan and started walking slowly from Embankment station to London Eye, and to Parliament Square and Big Ben.

Waiting for Big Ben

 We waited for Big Ben to strike 12pm, for ZE to record the bell chime.

After 2 wks of curry-free meal, even Jap curry tastes awesome!

 After that, we headed back to Oxford Circus, for our Wasabi lunch. Yes, Japanese again. We wanted to try the food here, and helluva, it was a great cheap eat!

We ordered take-away, 20% cheaper and had our lunch at our hostel. Hostel’s kitchen was so quiet and peaceful during lunch time.

After lunch, ZE went back to our dorm to rest. I used that time to do some research, update my blog and also a quick run to internet cafe.

Queens Theatre

 We decided to walk from hostel to Queens Theatre, at Piccadily Circus. We also managed to window shop a bit. ZE was excited with Hamleys, five storeys in London. In fact, I was also crazy about this place. What a fun toy store!

After we collected our tickets (this time, no need to show credit card), we went looking for dinner. I emphatized with ZE. It wasn’t easy with her diet. Not many local food choices for a vegetarian.

My fish & chips

 We ended up at The Two Sportsmen. Food was ok, but there was a particular waiter that was not very service-oriented.

Queens Theatre. Word of caution. Bags were checked, for food and video camera. So, please ensure no food. We had to leave ours at cloak room FOC, and we were only allowed to collect it after the show.

We paid £71.75 for our stalls seat, five rows from stage.

A very small theatre


Beautiful ..

 I tried not to compare with Lesmis the movie. It was difficult with Anne Hathaway as Fantine and Amanda Seyfried as Cosette. The musical’s cast sang very well, but they were no way stunning like the movie cast.

But nevertheless, the musical was very much worth money spent.


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