Hello London: Airport Hotel Stay at Premier Inn Stansted

Such a comfortable purple stay (that reminds me of Mindshare), that both ZE and I wished that it was for more than one night.

On sharing basis




The bus

 Shuttle bus to Premier Inn was on sharing with Holiday Inn Express. Drop off and pick up point is Coach Station Bay 28. The journey was just five minutes away. I paid £3.00 for one-way, but ZE got a free ride, as chidlren under 15 are free. As we just missed one bus, we had to wait half an hour for next bus. There was a limit to the number of passengers, so do board the bus early.

By the time we arrived at hotel, it was already 9pm. Online check-in was done earlier, so I just needed to collect our key card.

Our family room came with a double bed and a single bed. Yay! ZE took the single bed, so the double bed was all mine.


Bye-bye bathtub

 ZE wanted to use bathtub … but decided against it, as it was already late, and early check-out. She loves bathtub, just like her little sis.

Do take advantage of Premier Inn’s ‘Premier Saver‘ rate for early online booking. I paid £45.00 for our room, plus £4.00 processing fee for one month in advance booking.


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