Guten Tag Germany: Shell-game Scam at East Side Gallery, Berlin

ZE was in charge in reading up about common tourists scam in Europe, prior to our trip.

Happened in front of this spot

 At East Side Gallery in Berlin, we were doing what tourists always do here, until we came across this scam. ZE whispered to me that it was a scam, just like what she read (she told me about it earlier).

The scam in action

 Players pay to guess which of the moving ‘shells’ (or was it matchbox?) hides the ball. It looks easy, but of course it was all a scam. 

We walked past this spot twice, and noticed that it was the same ‘audiences‘ still .. so, these must be the ringers.

We didn’t really check out the whole thing in action. I was more concerned about taking photos to capture this scam, to be shared on my blog.

A blogger recounted his experience, having fell for the scam in London. I think that it was well-told here, do give it a read. 

Travel smart, folks!


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