Guten Tag Germany: Max Pett Vegan Restaurant at Munich

Max Pett, a vegan restaurant I found during research, which I thought ZE might appreciate. And she did. Yay!!

We went there for two consecutive days, and I was just glad that she had a dining place that was really for her … rather than for me, and she had to order whatever that’s available in the menu.

Menu of the day

 I stuck with their €8.50++ ‘menu of the day’ on both days. The menu is available everyday, until 1800, and it comes with a soup or a dessert. Their menu is different everyday, and is updated on their Facebook page here.

First Day order


Second day order

 On first day, ZE was happy that Max Pett had a vegetarian schnitzel (Viennese Schnitzel) €15.80++ in their menu, and ordered that. On second day, she already knew what she wanted beforehand. She saw a rice dish with curry, that comes with a glass of mango lassi, but it was very expensive €20.50++.

She was hesitant to order that. So I said that we have been very prudent, and it is okay to spend on a good meal .. and we can cook dinner (instead of dining out in the evening) later .. She cheered up, and order the Aryuveda plate: vegetable curry, samosa, basmati rice, papadam and served with a mango lassi.

On first day, I had their vegetables, mushroom and tofu with coconut curry and basmati rice, and ice cream with berries. The next day, I had their broad beans in cream sauce, with roll dumplings, and heavenlicious mint ice cream.

I ordered latte macchiato on our second trip .. and I was asked ‘what type of milk would you like?” Inside my brain was like huh? In a split second, ahhh … vegan restaurant … what was I thinking … And I opted for soya milk. Luckily, no boo-boo made.

 Standard value added tax in Germany is 19% .. that’s why price indicated above with ++.

Colorful candies with bill

  I asked ZE whether she would recommend this restaurant, and she replied ‘YES‘ .. so, here address below.

Max Pett … Das Vegane Restaurant

Address: Pettenkoferstr. 8, 80336 München 

Nearest station: U Sendlinger Tor

Tel: 089/55869119

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 1000-2300



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