Guten Tag Germany: Day 29- Foodie Day on our last day at Berlin

Blessed our hostel for 12pm check-out time. The (late) check-out time was perfect for our afternoon train to Utrecht, Netherlands.

 Since it was our last day in Berlin, I asked ZE to skip her usual fruits breakfast. We wanted to take advantage of our hostel’s discount programme with f&b establishments nearby.

Lots of people working here


ZE’s vegetarian bagel


ZE’s doodle

 Impala Coffee, a cafe I regretted for not discovering it earlier. It was super popular, with constant traffic walking in. They also served the best kick-ass vegetarian bagel €3.80. ZE’s breakfast was so tempting, but I decided to skip breakfast. It was already 10am, and we would be having early lunch.

After breakfast, we finished off some errands, shower and then check-out.

From there, we went to Lebensmittel in Mitte, a local restaurant with good spatzel reputation. Spatzel is a local pasta with lots of (smelly) cheese. The one and only non-vegetarian dish in our Food to try list.

In the beginning of our trip in Germany, ZE was on the lookout for this dish. At one point, being a non-cheese fan, she decided to abandon this idea. Well .. unless if I share the dish with her.

The night before, I tried to change her mind. “You might like it. Maybe it’s like mac & cheese.” She was gamed, but again, sharing was essential.

This restaurant required a change of train U-Bahn Weinmeisterstraße, so it was quite ‘troublesome’ with our bags. But it was worth the trouble.

Lebensmittel in Mitte

 Walking in around 12.30pm, the restaurant was still empty. And they were not very friendly. Uh-huh. That was our initial perception, and it reminded us of our bad experience at Brasserie Medard, Bruge.

Naa .. that changed after a short while. They were not unwelcoming, but more brisk-like, because they were an efficient establishment.

I started with just a plate of Spätzle €9.00 … just in case it was not to ZE’s liking. Order at the counter, by the way. But it took quite a while for the food to arrive, maybe around 10 minutes.

Spatzel, tastes like a ‘refined’ mac & cheese

 I then decided to place my order, otherwise we might run late to the train station. And her food arrived, with her giving me a big thumb up

Fish for me

 And I ordered the wrong food, a fish dish €12.00. I misunderstood that there was an option of Spätzle with fish. But anyway .. since I tried Spätzle, it was alright for me.

I highly recommend this restaurant. High-quality food and reasonable price.


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