Guten Tag Germany: Day 26- Berlin doing the touristy-thing

After a well-rested night in Berlin, today was a full force sightseeing day.

East Side Gallery. Brandenburg Gate. Reichstag building. Holocaust Memorial, also known as Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Science Center Berlin. Topography of Terror.

Seemed like a ‘mad rush’ day, but it wasn’t. Some were ‘clustered’ together, so it was like hit few birds with one stone.

At East Side Gallery, we got to see the remaining part of the Berlin Wall. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing, but ZE lost interests after a while. Parts of Berlin Wall can also be seen in many other places, but the one at East Side Gallery is a ‘long piece.’

We took the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof Station, and East Side Gallery was just across the street.

Brandenburg Gate


Reichstag building

 From there, we continued on to Brandenburger Tor Station, also known as ‘The Burger Station’ to us. We checked out Brandenburg Gate, and also Reichstag building nearby. I didn’t manage to secure tickets online to get up to the glass dome.

These two landmarks did not wow us … At these two important Berlin landmarks, what I remember was: (1) the beautiful autumn landscape (2) my first Currywurst (3) ZE and my mini photo portraits from a photo booth.

Autumn landscape

Beautiful autumn

 What a sight. We finally experienced falling autumn leaves. Perhaps because it was my first experience, there was something magical about it.


My first currywurst

 Not-so-curry-wurst. It was too ketchup-ish, and I didn’t feel any heat at all … Curry powder sprinkle on top of ketchup sauce is NOT curry. I repeat: It is Not curry. Okay, perhaps because I am Asian, but … where is the curry?

Mini photo portraits

Our mini portrait

As per my earlier posting here. Our best 1 Euro spent. We had our first mini photos taken at a train station.

Since we bought a Berlin Welcome Card, we hopped into a train again, to Potsdamer Platz Station for Holocaust Memorial. 


Holocaust Memorial
Flowers laid everywhere at the memorial

 ZE asked for my approval to explore the site by herself, and I allowed that. Thank goodness I kept a lookout for her, as she ended up waiting at a totally opposite direction! She spotted flowers laid on the memorial, and pointed that out to me.

Science Center Berlin


Topography of Terror

 On the way to Topography of Terror, we passed by Science Center Berlin … ZE went bonkers .. ahhh … different interest than mine.

My second currywurst


ZE’s local champignon mushrooms dinner

 It was such a ‘productive’ day, that we even managed to have local foods at a Berlin Oktoberfest fair nearby Alexanderplatz station .. or whatever you called that. And I decided to give currywurst another chance. And no, I still didn’t like it.

Long, but happy exploration day.


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