Guten Tag Germany: Day 25- Alexa Shopping Centre, Berlin

Alexanderplatz station was just two stations away from where we stayed. On our second day in Berlin, it was raining. In fact, it was raining when we arrived the day before. Why or why.

Alexa, night shot

 We headed to Alexa Shopping Centre, a mall located across from Alexanderplatz station and made it our shopping day.

 Food court was where we had our lunch. Our first food court in Europe, if not mistaken. And a proper mall in Germany. We didn’t even go to a mall in Munich. We didn’t even come across one.

Clearing our plates and eating utensils

 Just like in Malaysia and Thailand, we had to ‘chop‘ a table. As we were early for lunch, it was rather easy … But unlike my home “countries” (two countries haha), we needed to clear our own plates.

Fish and chips


Ice cream cone-serving dish

 I had fish and chips €3.50. Tartar sauce was served in ice cream cone, like what I saw back at Bacharach. I tried eating the cone with sauce .. just plain weird.

There were few shops that caught our interest, and we went back few times during our stay at Berlin. 

Choosing beans for our dinner
Many bread choices

 But, Edeka supermarket was our most frequented place, for our groceries. And water. Lots of drinking water purchased at Berlin. Not necessarily our favorites, but it served its purpose.

Her best dish this trip

 ZE cooked dinner back at hostel .. yummylicious, and her best, as declared by me.

I thought to take advantage of free (state) museum entry every Thursday evenings, but it was still raining. We ended up chilling at hostel.


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