Guten Tag Germany: Day 23- Swimming at Olympic Pool, Munich

Olympia Schwimmhalle

 Today, we went back to Olympic Park, for ZE to swim in the Olympia Schwimmhalle (Olympic swimming pool). It was the venue where 1972 Summer Olympics took place.

German 24/7-Easter egg

 We went there prepared with snacks .. our favorite butter pretzel and also ZE’s colorful egg

Since I have developed chlorine rashes few months back, I stayed away from the pool. ZE swam by herself, sans google, as it never crossed our mind that swimming will make it into our itinerary. Bbrrr … it was cold wei.

Price list

 We paid € 4.60 for adult, and €3.40 for children, for maximum 3 hours. Even though I didn’t swim, still gotta pay.

Changing area


Changing room




Shower … segregated by gender


Hair dryer available too

 The pool and amenities were amazing! Many changing rooms and lockers, with clean shower cubicles (without door, mind you) and toilets.

There were even gym, sauna, steam bath .. so, a perfect place for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

As for the pool itself, three lanes are always reserved for competitive swimmers. They were very fast! Perhaps they are local German athletes?

There were also diving tower with diving boards. Splash … splash … what a nice music to my ears.

ZE conquered this pool!

 ZE managed few laps by herself … she was in the pool for about one and a half hours. I admired her perservance… swimming without a google was not easy, she said. I overheard her telling her dada on Skype, that she managed both butterfly and backstroke, I think.

My novel and pretzel

 As for me, her aunt, finally I managed to read a English-translated German novel I bought for this trip …

If you are a swimmer, you MUST have this in your checklist … no tourists, just locals and perhaps, some athletes too. 


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