Guten Tag Germany: Day 22- Munich

Day 22 was Munich slow-mo city orientation, since we have enough time to explore, and plan for a second trip, if we see anything that we like. One of the many benefits of independent travel.

From our home base Hohenzollernplatz is stadium at Schwabing-West area, we decided to go to Olympic Park first.

Hello sexy


Strive for perfection in everything you do


Make life a ride indeed

Warning strike

  Walking out from Olympic Centre station, we saw BMW Museum, and it was free entry! We went in and ogled after the Minis car. There were people handing out protest leaflet.

Olympic Park

 From there, we continued on to Olympic Park. I marveled after the arhictecture of the park, but ZE was indifferent to it … until …

Munich Olympic swimming pool

 We went in to Olympia Schwimmhalle (Olympic swimming pool), a 50 meter deep pool, open to public. Since we didn’t have swimwear with us, we parked this under our checklist.

Glockensipel at New Town Hall


Enjoy the performance

 We then moved on to Marienplatz, for 12pm Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall (Neus Rathaus).

Hoping to get a free city map, we walked in to Visitor Center adjacent to where we were. No free map, €0.50 for one .. and no, we didn’t buy it. But it was easy to survive Munich without one, as there are locality maps everywhere on display at stations and on the street.

But we managed to find out direction to Max Pett for lunch.. and it was either a 10-minute walk, or one station away .. if you missed my earlier posting, click here.

The one and only street busker we gave tips


Hello pigeons

 After lunch, we went back to Marienplatz for sightseeing. Again, more my cup of tea …  ZE was more interested in pigeons, than buildings and statues. 

Our simple dinner

 After a while, we went back to our Airbnb and cooked dinner.

After dinner and a short rest, we went out to Marienplatz (again!) to check on Deuter bags for ZH, ZE’s little sis.

Oh butter pretzel

 And we had our first melt-in-our-mouth butter pretzel (€2.20 each), which turned out to be our all-time-favorite snack in Germany.


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