Guten Tag Germany: Day 18- Cochem

This morning, after a sumptuous breakfast at Pension Regina / Gräfenhaus, we hiked up to Reichsburg Cochem

Some steps .. But otherwise flat road

 It was so much shorter and easier hike than I thought. ZE was rather quiet. She then told me it was because she was trying to conserve her energy for the hike.

We saw shuttle bus service, so you can also take the bus, if hiking is not your cup of tea.

Our guide

  They do not allow entry without a guide. Even so, all visitors must stay together; please do not roam around or stray away from group. We paid €6 for adult and €3 for children, for a group guided tour, which was conducted in German

We were given an English information sheet, and the guide also spoke in English, when there were information not included in the info sheet.

Inside the castle


Inside the castle

 I was really blown away by the castle. It was well-maintained, and deco items were really beautiful, yet ‘useful’, as the guide said.

Make a wish

 She touched a hanging figurine’s tummy, and then asked us to touch her hand, like a chain … and make a wish. 

After lunch, we headed for lunch, and went looking for Weinhaus Gräfen, a place recommended by our b&b, but it was closed. We then went to Zum Onkel Willi, a place recommended on internet.

They served our one order, divided into two plates 🙂

 Not many vegetarian option, so we ended up with chicken breast rolled in bacon, ratatouille vegetables with basmati rice €15.60, so ZE can eat the non-meat portions. Not exactly a big fan of chicken breast meat, thank god it was succulent.

Two bottles, one glass


DIY Spezi drink

 We asked for Spezi, a local German soft drink. We were served two separate bottles of Coke and orange soda, for us to mix together. I thought it was already something pre-mixed, in one bottle!

After lunch, without anything in mind, we just walked around the town.

Dinner was interesting, we thought that we can pack dinner for ZE, for her to picnic inside our room (with a view). But …. restaurants here were baffled with our takeaway request. One staff explained to us that they don’t have containers for takeaway! Ahhh …

ZE ended up with some breads from a bakery, and fruits.

After dinner, she went out to feed ducks nearby, visible from our room’s window. I allowed her to go by herself, for her to have her own moments.


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