Guten Tag Germany: Day 17- Ryanair flight from London Stansted- Frankfurt Hahn

730am flight zzzz

Ryanair. I thought that I was being clever, to fly, instead of a long (in terms of duration) bus or train ride from London to Germany.

It has caused so much inconveniences and planning in advance, that it was a journey that I have slightly regretted.

It was meant to be a dirt cheap flight. But I ended up paying a bit more for seat selection, to be seated together with ZE. We paid altogether £36.68 (£26 for me, and £10 for ZE) for one-way ticket. Seat selection was charged £5.99 for adult and £2.99 for children. ZE’s fare was really a steal, as there was a £13.00 UK tax child discount.

With that, it came with luggage issue, since we didn’t book any check-in luggage. I read that Ryanair was very strict about bag weight, and it was a strict one hand carry per passenger. But later on, I found out that they have changed that rule, with an additional small hand carry allowance.

Cabin baggage:

One cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms may be carried per passenger.

Then came the need to have our boarding pass printed, otherwise it’ll incur additional charge.

And of course since Stansted Airport at god-no-where-far-flung-outskirt, that I had to book an airport hotel, which came with the need for a budget shuttle to airport. These were solved, if you have been following my blog .. 

All in all, it was actually not that melodramatic .. we got everything done right, including our hand-carry luggage. We were ‘cleared’ with barely a glance to our luggage. But there was one passenger with baggage problem during boarding. 


Not too bad for budget flight

 It was really a good flight experience with Ryanair.

But … given a second chance, I would have gone with a different route, via bus from London back to Belgium, for a night or two, then soldier on to Germany.

“Confirmation Visa Check” stamped three times!!!

 P/s: For non-EU/EA passport holders, remember to go to Bag Drop/Visa Check desk before going through security, to have your travel document checked and boarding pass stamped, as that was the so-called immigration check, I think. After security check, there wasn’t any immigration check. I saw one passenger being called on this .. not funny if you’re in a rush.

Security check was a long, long queue. Do factor in time allowance. Thank god ZE was up to speed that morning (despite being awake since 4am), so we breezed through the whole process easily. 

Who created this system?

 Also, they will only display gate information 45 minutes before flight. Dumb, my two cents. Unnecessary worry for passengers.


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