Guten Tag Germany: Day 17- Cochem

Cochem was picture-postcard perfect. I knew before our trip, that it could possibly end up to be my favorite city in Germany. It is, until now (after Bacharach and Munich) … but I have yet to visit Berlin. We shall see.

We had 3 Days 2 Nights booked in Cochem. I felt that it was a nice first entry to Germany, an easy and relaxing stay, before we head to bigger cities. Ain’t I glad we did that.

I felt there were many tourists in Cochem though … but still tolerable.

On Day 17, after we checked in at Pension Regina / Gräfenhaus, I took a badly-needed nap. I zonked out after my four hours sleep in London.

There was a Wednesday market. By the tine I woke up, they were about to close around 5pm.

ZE’s too-cheesy dinner


My dinner

 A search for local dinner brought us to Gaststätte Noss. ZE ordered Flamkuchen €8.50, a local pizza, whilst I ordered a sausage salad. ZE’s pizza was topped with capsicum and sheep’s milk cheese, deemed too cheezy for her. She used lots of black pepper to camouflage the cheese’s taste.

That was all about it on our first day at Cochem. In a serene city as such, nothing much need to be accomplished. 

Good night, Cochem


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