Guten Tag Germany: Airbnb rental stay at Munich


Life is Beautiful movie poster. One of my fav movies. Good omen.

 What an interesting and ‘thought-provoking‘ stay.

Herby. A host of not many words. His listing only include two pictures: side view of his dining table and view from his kitchen. His reponse rate in his profile was a low 20%. His house rules: “clean, fair, commitment.” Hmmm ..

And yet, I booked it. I was quite desperate then, as cheap accommodations were not available during Oktoberfest. Price was very reasonable for the whole apartment, at a good location. Herby did not jack up his rental during this peak period. Also, past guests’ reviews were good.

I didn’t know what to expect. It could be a pleasant surprise, or a total hell.

Thank goodness, I like it, even though it was weird. Weird in the sense that, I think Herby has an admirable trait .. TRUST. His stuffs were in the apartment … laptop, money, and also I saw an important document (that I rather not name). 

His toiletries amenities were all men’ products … thanks but no thanks, but I don’t want to smell like a dude. And no toilet rolls .. aiyoyo .. And we had problem with keys (we picked up keys from a nearby pizzeria). And no wifi details given, but I figured that out myself.

Since his response rate was a low 20%, I made sure that I gave him ample time … an organized planner (me) vs one on a totally opposite ..

It was a good and clean place. Wifi was first-class. ZE and I did had a good stay for four nights. ZE disliked the naked-butt poster AT ALL. His place has got superb heating system, the best amongst all accommodations we have stayed in Europe.

But it will not be my top choice of accommodation. As for ZE, she was hoping for another cozy place, like our Haarlem rental here .. 


Books and board games
German monopoly

 She also liked Herby’s place, but not as much as Haarlem. She wished that Herby’s board games were in English.

I was surprised that he reviewed me (as a guest) very fast … when it was made visible, after I’ve completed mine … GREAT. One word. No wonder. Haha, it was so Herby.

Living room


Eeeeww .. ZE didn’t like the poster at all


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