Guten Tag Germany: 24/7 Easter Egg 

Colorful eggs, what are thou?

 We first came across colorful eggs in a supermarket, and we wondered what was it about … Easter eggs in autumn?

One night, I looked it up and found out that these colorful eggs are just plain hard-boiled eggs … and I planned to get one, to surprise ZE.

Loose eggs available at bakery

 On Day 23 morning, we went to our usual bakery, nearby our Airbnb rental. In addition to butter pretzels, I also bought one egg €0.45 for her. 

It wasn’t meant to be a prank. But, she was so afraid / paranoid, that she thought that I was going to prank her. Hilarious.

Is it hard-boiled egg, she asked?

 She tested the egg outside the bakery, and we attracted curious onlookers.


Noooo ..

 She refused to carry the egg, and insisted that I kept it apart from our butter pretzels. It was all in good humour, so we had a good laugh.

Aarghhhh …


… so, I had to crack open the egg

 During snack time, she refused to crack open the egg … and even kept her distance ….

No dinosaur

 It was just a safe old hard-boiled egg, girl 😉

By the way, she told me that she knew it was hard-boiled egg. Yet, she thought maybe the bakery’s staff conspired with me to prank her … Halo, they don’t speak much English there lah.


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