German Train vs Dutch Train: Cross-country Train Ride from Berlin to Utrecht

Bye-bye Berlin.

The train ride between two bordering European countries allowed us to make comparison between the train service of both countries. 

Dutch’s train had our votes. But I had to admit that we had stronger affinity with the Dutch; biased to a certain extent. We started our 1-month Europe there and perceived it as our ‘home’ .. and we missed our Europe-home.


Our intercity train from Berlin
Platform map indicating coach no and where to wait

 The German train ride from Berlin to Amersfoot, Netherlands was pleasant. No wifi, but otherwise everything else was okay. At Berlin Hbf Station, we were able to gauge where to wait, as this was indicated on their notice board.

Double decker train

 At Amersfoot, we changed into a Dutch train to Utrecht. When the train approached, ZE was so happy .. “Yellow train“, she exclaimed. “And double decker“, she added.

To top it off, a friendly train conductor came to check our tickets, and gave her a sticker! (She was asked to choose one from whole lots of stickers). That’s icing on the cake for my niece.

The conductor said that when she was a child, she never received any stickers on a train. So, she bought these stickers with her own money, to be given away to kids on board. 

See how wonderful .. we love Dutch!

Example of journey map and ETA

 As for me, I missed their wifi, which also indicates train destination / route and ETA.

So, hell ya, glad to be ‘home’!


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