Eurolines ride from Bruges, Belgium to London

I gloated about this Eurolines bus ride. The one and only thing that I paid less than ZE: I paid €12 for adult promo fare but ZE paid €26 for standard children fare. Beats me why so .. but, yay!

Stationplein Bruge, bus platform no 10 is where you need to be. Remember to buy your ticket beforehand, as bus driver is not authorized to sell ticket and pick-up passengers without a valid ticket.

We departed according to schedule at 15:45, and the ride was supposed to take 5 hours and 30 minutes. As we were not sure whether there would be any dinner break, we bought dinner for ZE and also some snacks. Luckily we did that, as there wasn’t any (dinner) break.


A limit to wifi usage?

 Just like Megabus, the bus had toilet and wifi. But, I was cut-out from wifi, as I have exceeded my wifi allowance? This should have been informed up front. 

Waiting to enter the tunnel

 I was looking forward to crossing the Channel tunnel, an undersea tunnel connecting Britain and France. But it was a nightmare! We were stuck for few hours, due to power supply failure problem. We waited outside the tunnel for such a long time! I was just thankful that we were not caught inside the tunnel.

The story of Chirpy, by ZE

 Blessed ZE for being patient and also keeping herself entertained for the unexpected delay.

By the time we arrived at Victoria Coach Station, London, it was already past 11pm. ZE was groggy after two hours sleep. I was tired, but I was just happy to finally arrive in London.

Overall, a good experience with Eurolines. A friendly driver made lots of difference!


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