Durian binge in KL and Singapore

After two days of durian feast, I am afraid that my nose will bleed anytime soon from excessive durian-heat. But it’s worth the risk, sometimes you just got to live in the moment.

As there is an oversupply of durians in the market now, durian price is extremely cheap. BIL came with Musang King (also known as Mou San Wong 猫山王) yesterday night, 3 kilos+ @ RM 100+, and we finished it all together. It was really finger-licking good, as good as the one mum bought two weeks ago.

Musang King, my supper in Malaysia

Eating durian again for supper tonight, but in Singapore, gives me a sense of deja vu. As I just arrived in Singapore today, my uncle gave us a durian treat. I tagged along to check out the local durian scene. Hmm .. you may call it ‘market visit.’ My first experience buying durians at local HDB flats!

Durian stall at HDB flat in Singapore

The durians were so cheap! You can get one durian for SGD 2 (D15 type), or SGD 5-8 (D13/24 type). My aunt chose the SGD 8-type, and agreed with SGD 20 for three durians. As she lamented on the ‘expensive’ price vs. another stall (yes, it is that competitive), the seller was even willing to lower the price to SGD 18!

As I am not Chinese literate, I had to get my aunt to confirm that Singapore’s Cat Mountain durian is indeed Malaysia’s version of ‘Musang King.’ Not sure if I have heard it being called as such before, but that’s what I am going to call it from now onwards, and I’ll say it along with cat purrrring sound.

Fox King, word to word translation of Musang King. So I guess it’s being called as Cat Mountain, because fox is a member of the cat family, and foxes live in the mountains (and also other places like forest, etc.)

Cat Mountain durian anyone? Meeeeooowww
D15, my supper in Singapore



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