easyBus ride from London City Centre to London Stansted Airport

On our last night in London, I decided to stay nearby London Stansted airport, for our early morning flight on the next day.

From my research, easyBus offered the lowest fare, but it came with horrible reputation. Many passengers were stranded, missed their flights, etc.

But ….. it was dirt cheap. One positive review by a blogger gave me hope. So I decided to take the risk. Since our flight was on the next day, there was still leeway and I just needed to be prepared with a backup plan.

£2.20 fare (included £0.20 booking fee) was the best in town, versus other options. I managed to secure this rate one month prior to our travel date. Fare increases as date of departure nears.

Stop 19, pick-up point

 We chose pick up venue at Baker Street Tube station, the closest station to YHA London Central. The easyBus to Stansted Airport picks up at Stop 19, Gloucester Place, right outside the Allsop Arms Pub

Our small minibus arrived on the dot and the ride was comfortable too, so do check out easyBus for budget transportation option.


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