Durian craze in Singapore!

What an unbelieveable sight and experience on a Saturday night in Singapore!

Traffic was chaotic, and there were rampant illegal parking by the roadside. LTA (Land Transport Authority) Enforcement Officer in blue vest was seen issuing summones, and taking photo of parking offences at the same time with a handheld device. And all this took place in play-by-the-book Singapore. I thought scenario like this only happens in Malaysia and Thailand.

So those people saved moolah on their durians, but they will thereafter need to fork up additional SGD 70 for the summmones!

Walau eh ….. wassap Singapore?

One (sinful) word. Durian. Or perhaps two words. Durian craze!!

Geylang it seems is not only known as frog porridge and red light district, but also known as durian district. People flock to Geylang for cheap durians during durian season, both locals and foreigners alike. Chill people, chill … it’s good, but you can also find cheap durians at your neighbourhood.

There were also scams of fake Cat Mountain durians (also known as Musang King, Mou San Wong, 猫山王) here. Durian crooks were known to be passing off Thai’s Chanee durians as Cat Mountain. Now, I am trully offended!

Scam in this land is just relatively unheard of (for me), except for Sim Lim Square. So, my travel advice to tourists to Singapore? “BEWARE OF SINGAPORE DURIAN SCAMS!” Funny, no? No taxi scam, no palace scam, BUT durian scam in the proper Singapore!

Uncle S had to circle few rounds for parking, and in between we were also stuck in traffic jam. All these for two Cat Mountain durians at SGD 30 (around RM 80.) Okay, I had to admit that I told a white lie saying that it was aroylicious. But, I had better durians in KL, creamier flesh and more intense flavour, waaay better. But yesterday’s durian was good in its own way, because of my uncle’s efforts. So yeah, it’s good!

Locals and foreigners alike going gaga over the King of Fruits

The best of it was the experience itself, going through the thing that got Singaporeans all excited and pumped up. The King of Fruits is aptly named, and I am confident to say that defeating durian from its throne is an impossible feat by other contenders.


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