DimDimSum Failed To Impress

My dim sum standard is rather high. But since my Thai-bf also thinks that it is substandard; that says a lot about their dim sum’s quality.

DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store (點點心・點心專門店) is located near our accommodation at Jordan. That was the main reason why we had our meal there. The second reason was they open early. I found that many dim sum places open at 11am on weekdays. But, DimDimSum @ Jordan open at 10am.


DimDimSum @ Jordan

DimDimSum was named one of the top 101 places to eat by the 2012 Newsweek Foodie Awards, whilst Time Out Hong Kong named it best dim sum in 2011. They were also featured in WHERE CHEFS EAT – The Ultimate Insiders’ Guide, a restaurant recommendation guide by over four hundred chefs.

The place was packed though, so not sure our lukewarm response was because we didn’t order the right thing.

We ordered:

  • Pork dumplings with crab roe (siu mai) (HKD 26) *
  • Steamed shrimp dumplings (har gow) (HKD 29) *
  • Beef meatball with sun-dried tangerine peel (HKD 19)
  • Shanghai soup dumplings with black truffel (HKD22)
  • Rice flour rolls with beef (HKD 23)
  • Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce (HKD 19)

* Recommended menu


We only approved their siu mai

Regrettably, we only like their siu mai. 


Rice flour rolls with beef

Because rice flour rolls with bbq pork and shrimps are too mainstream, we ordered DimDimSum’s rice flour rolls with beef. It was a mistake. Please follow the norm, and don’t be too clever like us.


We had better beef meatball

Beef meatball with sun-dried tangerine peel looks good, but it was bland.


This ain’t no
soup dumplingsAvoid Shanghai soup dumplings with black truffles at all cost. why is it named soup dumplings? Where’s the soup?


Our order

Total bill: HKD 144  (including 2 glasses of Chinese Tea@ HKD 3 per pax)


HKD 1,000 banknotes are not accepted

DimDimSum do not accept HKD 1,000 banknotes. I also saw this sign at Jenny Bakery. For those traveling to Hong Kong, try to avoid HKD 1,000 banknotes, as we tend to get big note from money changer back home. I am no expert, so have no way of differentiating, but do take note of the 2003 Series HKD 1,000 Counterfeit Notes issue. For more info, read here.


We were given a Chinese menu / order slip first
Foreigner’s version ! Phew.

We were given a Chinese order slip first.

But, I asked for English version. English-Chinese-Japanese menu/ order slip is available, so it is foreigner-friendly.


DimDimSum Specialty Store 點點心・點心專門店

23 Man Ying Street, Jordan

Tel: +852 2771 7766

Daily: 10am – 1am

Nearest MTR: Jordan

Other locations:

Mongkok: 112 Tung Choi Street, T: 2309-2300, 11am-2am

Wan Chai: 7 Tin Lok Lane, T:2891-7677, 10am-12am

Shatin: 1st Floor, No. 108, Citylink Plaza, T: 2285-8152, 8:30am-10:30pm


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