Bonjour Belgium: Ibis Budget Centrum at Bruges

This hotel was booked because of its location, just next to Bruges train station.

 I figured that it would be nice to stay within the vicinity of the train station, since that will be both our entry  and departure point.

View from our room

 Our room faced Bruges station’s train platform. I enjoyed the scenery, and thank god that it wasn’t noisy at all.

Our room

  Our family room came with a double decker bed, a double bed at bottom and a single bed at top bunk.

When I booked the room, I wondered if ZE would prefer the top bunk, for some private time. But she opted to sleep in the lower bunk with me.

Our top bunk turned into a ‘relaxation corner‘ for ZE. She used it to watch TV and to pen down her thoughts on her travel journal.

Ibis was ZE’s least favorite accommodation, amongst all. Why? Too hotel-ish, and less personal touch, she said. 

For me, wifi provided was a blessing. That’s the thing about staying with a proper-hotel, versus Airbnb rental. The latter, you never know what you’re going to get. Such as a non-working wifi and painted-over kettle at out Airbnb rental at Brussels.


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