Bonjour Belgium: Day 12- Bruges

Today’s schedule revolved around our check-out time from Ibis, and also our departure time from Bruges to London.

We had two things in mind: one last breakfast at HEMA and also trying out Ginger Bread Tea Room, a highly recommended ‘tea room’ in Bruges. 

Ginger Bread Tea Room

 At the very last-minute, we went to Ginger Bread for breakfast (instead of HEMA), instead of lunch. ZE was easygoing, and went along with my wishes. 

Bagel breakfast

 It was such a beautiful place, filled with nice touches. Perfect last spot for our breakfast in Bruges.

After breakfast, we went back to hotel to shower and check-out.

Vege burger at HEMA

 As I was still full from breakfast, only ZE ate her lunch at HEMA. She was happy with her super cheap veggie burger €3.50. HEMA was packed during lunch hour, a popular spot for both locals and tourists.  

Walking back to hotel, we still managed to enjoy Bruges. 

Tata Bruge

 Tata Bruges… hope to see you again.


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