Bonjour Belgium: Airbnb rental stay at Brussels

Our airy colourful studio


Equipped with our own kitchen

 Aptly described as a colorful studio in their listing. ZE misses the color, now that we are in Germany.

The shared bathroom


Left basin for us, right basin for host’s family


Quirky, but we didn’t encounter any problem

 But, it was also indicated as shared bathroom with host’s family. So, I was confused for a bit. 

Studio in Malaysia generally means a studio apartment, with everything in one open layout, without a separate bedroom proper. And you own the whole place.

Since it has good reviews from previous guests, I went ahead and booked it.

Perhaps we get to learn something about living with a Belgian family, I thought.

I left with mixed feelings about this place.

Perhaps the host was busy with her daily life, but I was really surprised with the bare minimum contact. The only contact we had was during check-in. 

We heard footsteps in the house, but we never came across anyone during our three days two nights stay. ZE thought the house is creepy during night, but I actually liked its character. 

Since we were sharing the house with our host and family, we tried not to make too much noise, and be considerate with shared bathroom facility.

We were told during check-in that they had problem with wifi, so it was a bit incovenient. We made do with wifi at cafes.

Hello Faline


Keeping a lookout for Faline

 Perhaps what ZE enjoyed the most would be looking out for Faline, our host’s cat. And also making sure that Faline is not stuck outside the house’s window 🙂

Inside of the kettle

 Only on our last day, that we found ‘white debris’ in our drinking water. We used kettle provided to boil water for drinking. Upon checking, we found that the interior of the kettle has been painted over. I wondered why.

We immediately threw away our water and bought our own drinking water. But we have already drank water from the kettle for two days.

I have done my review for the host, but she still has not done hers.

Thank you Beatrice

 We left a thank you note with the souvenir I bought from Thailand.

Carrying her bag down from second floor

 Bye-bye stairs. Bye-bye Brussels.

Updated 6 Oct 2015:

Beatrice left me a review:  “Great guest, even if I don’t had the chance to meet her more!”


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