Bilinguals get all the perks .. do we?

The language you speak changes your view of the world, research shows. 

So let’s see .. I speak fluent English, Malay, Cantonese and my Thai is more fluent than my Mandarin. Cantonese is my mother tongue (native speaker), and English is my second language. In Thailand, well I guess I can be considered as English native speaker, and Thai as my second language? 

Yeah baby, I am multilingual (India, 2010. Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

Better job prospects? Here in Thailand, yeah I think that it does gives me an edge since English is still not widely used here.

So native English speakers are more action-oriented according to the research. How about native Chinese speaker with English as second language? But I do think in English sometimes, especially in Thailand, so .. ?

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