An Open Letter To The CEO of Turkish Airlines

I usually do not share contents as such, especially before verifying that it is indeed genuine.

In this case, the Open Letter was posted by an ex-colleague (we never met, but we worked in the same network). For a passenger to pen such a letter, I dare not imagine the amount of frustration she went through. It was also the beginning of a New Year, not a pleasant start for anyone.

Turkey is in my bf’s bucket list, I will be sure to fly with other airlines. Turkish Airlines, you just lost two (potential) passengers.


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Posted to Turkish Airlines
Dear CEO of Turkish airlines,

This is the open letters.

I was one of your passengers on flight TK0064 on 2nd January 2016 (departure at 7:50PM) flying from Turkey to my hometown, Bangkok. This letter has been written to you to describe my first unbelievably dissatisfied experience with your airlines.

On that day I’d been waiting at the gate from 6PM til 8:30PM due to flight delay about 40 mins. As soon as the gate was open, I had been informed by your staffs that I can’t go inside!! She said I must go to “DENIED OFFICE” without any explanation and any solution from your staffs. I had no choice but to follow her suggestion. In this unexpected and unsatisfied situation, I believe a good reasons and appropriate solutions are what I and my friend mostly deserved. But indeed your staffs had not provided us anything like that. More than that, we received nothing but unpleasant service and attitude from your staffs.

Although your airlines took responsibility by providing me a 1-night stay at the hotel, my stay there was extremely terrible. All of my personal belongings, clothes and medicines were in my luggage which your staff had deceived to me that my luggage was at the transferred areas at underground floor of the Ataturk airport! I stayed overnight at the hotel with my pajamas with no clothes to change and no medicines (I had been under the weather during the last few days there). Thanks to my personal wifi I had rent from Thailand I had a chance to inform my family and friends about the problem occurred.

Before boarding at the new flight you had given to us the next day, I had tried to ask for the clam information (I’ve example form in my phone) from your Denied Office, your staffs still lied to me. And they didn’t give any support by providing the claim form to me!

As the national airlines of Turkey, I am very much disappointed in your operation and service. Your airlines had caused the followings;

• Physical and mental problems due to staying overnight without any personal belongings, clothes and medicines (most important), including those of my family as I am the only girl in the family and one of the breadwinners of the family. And not to mention all of my friends.
• Due to my business meeting on Jan 3rd, 2016, I might have missed the business chance and opportunity which have caused millions.
• Unsatisfied and disappointing customer service which I mostly deserved from paying the ticket this high.

Due to the above damage your airlines have caused to me, I’d like to ask the compensation from your airlines at minimum 1,000 Euros and to be paid to me as soon as possible.

Regarding all the above situation I have mentioned, I do hope you understand and imagine yourselves in my shoes. I hope my request will be seriously considered.

Your urgent feedback to me is highly appreciated.

Patthanin S


Her friend, posted this on her FB wall:

WTF…..why you did that to me huhhh? Why you gave my seat to other person? It shouldn’t happen at all! Why? This is how you solve the problem? Over booked? F…… #Turkishairlines

Her friend’s FB posting on her wall


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