ZH’s first solo vacation in Thailand: Day 8 of 12

To go or not go …. I thought that ZH should rest at home, but Dream World’s “Colors of The World” parade only happen during weekend. So, we went ahead with our plan, but we’ll take it easy tomorrow.

ZH woke up 6am+, but she quietly stepped out from bedroom without waking me up until around 7.30am.

Yiyi (aunt) prepared her usual breakfast, and also lunch to bring to Dream World, whilst she quietly sat on the sofa folding laundry.

Day Eight: ZH’s Dream World

We booked a taxi using GrabTaxi, from Lat Phrao to Dream World in Pathum Thani province. We left home around 9am, and arrived around 9.45am. The elderly taxi uncle looked after ZH very well. Thank you, driver ทส4039. Total fare was around 270 baht including booking fee 25 baht, but I rounded it up to 300 baht.


Dream World signage spotted by a very excited ZH


When we arrived at Dream World, I was surprised to see people inside the park, before the park’s opening hours.

We went to the ‘Information’ area to get the tickets for foreigners. The admission fee for foreigners increased to 1,000 baht since two months ago. I was clearly dismayed at the exorbitant price. Lady Luck was with me, the staff asked me whether I have a local work permit when I spoke in Thai. A proactiveness that I appreciate a lot.

Of course I don’t have a work permit to show, since mine already returned to my previous agency. I showed them my local ATM card and credit card, and they accepted that as proof.

So we paid local rate at 480 baht. This includes admission fee and almost all rides, except for food pavilion, bicyle boat (50 baht), bump boat (50 baht), go kart (120 baht) and Snow Town (130 baht for kid, 150 baht for adult). We are limited to only one ride. They do have option of multiple rides at 500+ baht, but my angelic niece said ‘one ride is enough, yiyi‘.

Out of the non-inclusive rides, we only paid additional for Snow Town. So, total 610 baht for ZH and 630 baht for yiyi. A whopping 400 baht savings per person, and it is more than enough to cover our taxi rides!

ZH was sooooooo happy that I think it’s well-worth every baht we spent at Dream World.

Busy little adventurer


The rides/attractions that she chose:

  • Speedy Mouse
  • Super Splash
  • Thunderbird
  • Snow Town
  • Antique Car
  • Giant House
  • Water Fun
  • Playport


6.5 hours *faint*

ZH benefited from ZE, her elder sis’s visit two years ago. With that experience, we are more prepared with things-to-pack, food option for vegetarian, and how to avoid long queue. 

Snow Town, for example, we quickly went there after the first Animal Show (to avoid crowd), and ZH managed to have a go at the snow sleigh five times. She also went to the smaller snow sleigh meant for kids below 120cm, three times. Altogether eight snow sleighs for 130 baht!

Water Fun, for example, was made possible as we packed a towel and a set of clothes for ZH. 

For children, beware of height guideline for rides

ZE also warned us that ZH might have food problem in Dream World; ZH ate home-cooked lunch by yiyi and then a mashed potato (65 baht!) from KFC.


Simple vege to go with rice for ZH

As I didn’t want to negotiate with taxi drivers, I booked a taxi with GrabTaxi again, to go home from Dream World. No willing taxi, until I included a 50 baht tip. The fare was about 305 baht, but I rounded it up to 320 baht for the driver.

ZH was tired from one day of fun, I lost track of the many yawns inside the taxi en route home.

After bath, we walked nearby to a local restaurant for some ‘ba mi’ (egg noodle, similar to Malaysia’s wanton mee). ZH enjoyed the noodle so much that she ordered another bowl. I attributed that to the amount of energy used at Dream World!

After dinner, we also bought more fruits for her breakfast. She chose guava and water apple.


Back home, her eyes were glued to The Incredibles on TV, whilst waiting for video chat with her family back home. She then slept around 9.30pm.

Continuing from Day Seven, I reflect on the day and take time to marvel at the wonders of ZH:

  • After she finished folding her clothes, she told me there’s a missing t-shirt. And yes, there was one t-shirt in the other pile of laundry
  • She agreed with the cheaper ticket option, with just one ride
  • She opted out from rides that require us to pay more
  • She wanted to feed the sheeps after Animal Show, but upon hearing that we need to buy the bottle of milk at 20 baht, she said “yiyi, no need”
  • She got one souvenir from Dream World, the photo souvenir of us at Snow Town … aaaw *heart melt*
  • She looked at some small building bricks ala Lego for a long time, but didn’t succumb to the temptation
  • She admitted that she’s not very adventurous in food … but she tried on the local ‘ba mi’ noodle, and yay! she loved it!


20 baht for a bottle of milk to feed the sheeps at Animal Show


Checking the ‘building bricks’ at Dream World’s souvenir shop



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