ZH’s first solo vacation in Thailand: Day 4 of 12

Day Four: Traveling from Bangkok to Hua Hin and Fun at Swimming Pool

ZH woke up at 5.30am as she was super duperdy excited for her ‘holiday in a holiday, in a holiday’. She said, “I went to a trip to Bangkok, then a trip to Hua Hin, and then to a beach in Hua Hin.”

After few days in Bangkok, she already has her morning routine. ZH will water Uncle Vich’s plants first thing in the morning, whilst waiting for breakfast to be ready. But unlike other days, she changed into her ‘going out’ clothes first thing in the morning … Yes, she was THAT excited!


Watering plants


Her usual fruits for breakfast


It was a loooong morning for her, being all excited about the trip. Yiyi (aunt) found some Thai children books for her, so that helped a bit. I asked her to tell a story just by looking at the visuals in the books, which I thought she did a pretty good job. Then, after hearing the actual storyline, she reenacted it again in her own way. The books also include activity, so she kept herself occupied with art and craft. Phew!


Thai children books


Art and craft from Thai children books

We decided to have an early lunch at home to clear the perishable foods in our fridge, and just in case we couldn’t find suitable foods for ZH along the way to Hua Hin.

ZH and I went for an “egg run” nearby. She caught the attention of our condo’s guard and residents. So ZH pretended that she is busy, because she was afraid that they might ask her questions, and she wouldn’t be able understand and reply in Thai language.


“Egg run” to 7-Eleven


ZH pretending busy


And we tried local banana cake ala ‘Tokyo Banana’


ZH pretending busy

We left condo at 11.45am, and arrived close to 4pm as we had a long break at one of the R&R stops. We also had a pitstop at a salt field along the way to Hua Hin. Salt production is one of the main industries in Hua Hin.

Lots of fun inside the car. Thank you ZH for the wonderful memory, for telling the Big C story. Big C is an alphabet, but a living one with hand, leg and just like a human being. And Big C is actually tiny, just that the name is Big C.


Salt field

ZH jumped with joy at our hotel, Sea-cret Hua Hin and was  excited with our pool access room. A splurge I do not mind for ZH.  She immediately changed into her swimwear and went for a swim before dinner.


Panorama view of Sea-cret Hua Hin

We had late dinner at Baan Itsara, and ZH also managed to walk at the beach with Uncle Vich.


Mixed vege and omelette at Baan Itsara


Night stroll at the beach next to Baan Itsara

She finally slept at 9.30pm. What a long, long day for ZH.

Continuing from Day Three, I reflect on the day and take time to marvel at the wonders of ZH:

  • Her storytelling gift.
  • Her loves for her sis.
  • Not greedy. When being given the option of two sizes, she would normally opts for the smaller size.
  • She listened to me … she got out from the pool when being told, despite being excited.
  • She was offered Thai local dessert .. She said, “I am not sure what it is, but I am okay to try few sips. And she kept to her words .. just that few sips’.

Now you should really ask ZH to tell you the story of the mini Big C.

Artist: ZH



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