Why We Love Burendo Shabu (And You Should, Too!)

Burendo Shabu at Siam Square Soi 10 was one of the first few restaurants that D introduced me to in Bangkok.

A hidden oasis in the busy Siam Square. One minute you were smacked right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Siam Square, and the next thing you know, was all peace and quiet. And good unpretentious food.


Burendo’s entrance


Lots of post-it notes




  If you like “no frills” food joint, then this is the right place for you. The location is hidden, you enter through ground floor, but restaurant at first floor. Perhaps that’s why it went unnoticed … I think probably they have loyal customers base, to sustain their business.



 We always order their ‘Meat’ buffet, at 350 THB per person. It comes with all-you-can-eat meat of pork, beef and chicken, with vegetables, glass of drink and dessert.


3 dippings

 I love their dippings, especially their sesame sauce dipping.

 Superb service too. The staff have been there for ages; experienced and friendly. And they always got our orders right, and quick.

Good food + superb service + affordable price = recipe for success.

7 plates for me. 12 plates for D.

The ‘end result’

Update Jan 2017:

Burendo is closed for 3 months, from Jan to March 2017 for a mega renovation … we were told that they’ll still be serving shabu-shabu, but it’ll be a pick-your-own-ingredients kind of style, instead of staff serving them to you. Stay tuned …


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