Why Does A Tiger Cry? ทำไม เสือ ร้องไห้ 


Why cry lah?

A dish named ‘sua rong hai‘ (เสือ ร้องไห้). In Thai language, Sua means Tiger, Rong Hai means crying or weeping. Hence, “Crying Tiger”.

No one knows why, and everyone has their own interpretations.

Because it’s starving, same as me now.

Because you are eating it and the tiger has no chance, that’s why lah.

I guess it is the chilli, making even the tiger cried as it is chilli hot (spicy).

Because there is a lot of marbling; more fatty, which causes oil to splash during cooking process … hence,  a crying tiger.

Because it’s so good, and mankind finished it. The tiger cried because didn’t get a chance to use it

I think:









It’s MY darn-good-fingerlicking-licious grilled beef , and the tiger can cry if he wants to, cry if he wants to. I would cry to if the grilled beef belonged to the tiger.

Why, do you reckon? What’s your theory?


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